Since 1965 Ping On Ointment has, through the passing of over three decades, gained reputation both in Hong Kong and abroad. It is well recommended by people who have the personal experience of using the ointment. The efficacy of the ointment for various ailments is quick and evident.

Due to its wide range of usage and proven efficacy and the users' word of mouth, the sales volume, as well as the popularity of Ping On Ointment, has been increasing with the passing of the time. Ping On Ointment has now earned worldwide recognition.

In order to cope with the ever-growing sales volume in the world market, Ping On Ointment Company Limited will concentrate on the production side of the business. To fulfill its assurance of quality, the company will, as it has been traditionally adopting a stringent spirit, ensure that every step in the production process from the choice of medicinal ingredients to the material chosen for the ointment container will meet with first class standard. It will also specifically concentrate on the product's continuous quality improvement and on the research and development of new products.

In order to fulfill our commitment to providing quality service to customers in the world market, Ping On Ointment International Limited was set up in 2001. As a result, our service team has been strengthened so that we are in a better position to provide quality pre-sale and after-sale services to our wholesalers, retailers and end users.