Ping On Ointment has gained worldwide reputation since 1965. It is highly recommended by all users. Their testimonials are the best proof of the marvelous efficacy of the ointment. Many users of the ointment have over the years contacted us to express their thanks and share with us their opinions after their use of the ointment. We wish to share with you what they felt about our ointment in their own words, just for your information. These are excerpts of some of the interesting testimonials:

  Mrs. Cheung (Swell and pain relief)

I am 67 years old. As a result of a slip a few months ago, my ulna was fractured. My arm was plastered for over two months. Though I recovered but the pain lingered and the arm was still slightly swollen. As recommended by my son, I rubbed my arm with Ping On Ointment. The swell quickly disappeared. The results were remarkable. Thanks a lot.


  Mr. Wong (General)

I am a resident of Canton, China. I have used Ping On Ointment for rheumatic pain, scalds, cuts etc. I used the ointment according to the directions as contained in the insert of the package. The effects were evident.


  Yung (Rheumatism)

I have been suffering from rheumatic pains for years. After I had used your company's ointment, I found the effects were excellent.


  Chung (General)

I have heard a long time ago that Ping On Ointment, the product of your long-established company, has been well-received by people of Wenzhou, Zhejiang, mainland China. It is regrettable that it is not easily available for me to buy it (in Mainland China)


  Mr. Ma (Rheumatism and itch)

I have long been suffering from rheumatism. It is itchy as well. A friend of mine recommended your company's well-known product to me. I now have first hand experience of its remarkable efficacy. Comparing with a variety of Chinese and western medicines, I find Ping On Ointment one hundred times better. Wish you well and safe all your life.


  Mr. Fung (General)

For the past few years, our home for the old aged has been receiving a large quantity of Ping On Ointment as a gift from your company. Your act is a gesture of support and encouragement of our work. According to our survey and the feedback from the aged, Ping On Ointment is well-suited to their use. The ointment is efficacious for rheumatic pain, lumbago, travel sickness, painful conditions and mosquito bites. It soothes muscle neuralgia, stops dizziness and alleviates pain and quickly stops itches. Due to its small size, it is so convenient to carry.


  Madam Fan (General)

Hello. I have used your company product Ping On Ointment. I feel the effects are good.


  Cheung Gor (Burn)

I work as a construction worker. At one time I inadvertently picked up a welded-hot iron rod in the construction site. My palm was immediately burnt and the pain was so severe that cold sweat ran on my back. Luckily, I had Ping On Ointment at hand. I smeared a thick layer of Ping On Ointment on my palm. At once I felt cool and the pain disappeared. Eventually, there were no blisters and I did not have to go to hospital. I could continue to work. Ping On Ointment is virtually my life-saving deity at hazardous times.


  Mr. Ho (Rheumatic Pain)

I had been pestered by rheumatism for years. I have tried many kinds of medicine but no improvement was in sight. Until last year, my daughter-in-law gave me a packet of a dozen Ping On Ointment. My problem of rheumatism was totally eradicated. It is convenient for use. I just use Ping On Ointment to massage lightly the affected area and the pain subsides at once. Thanks. All the best.


  Mr. Lee (Fatigued muscle after work)

I am a manual worker. After work I often felt pain at the waist and limbs. Since I came to know Ping On Ointment, the pain was no longer a problem to me. I used Ping On Ointment to lightly massage (the muscle). All the pain immediately disappeared and I had a cool, refreshing feeling.


  Mrs. Liu (Lingering pain after muscle sprained)

My young child fell from a bicycle and hurt himself. He was examined by a medical practitioner and according to X-ray, he had nothing wrong. But he felt pain. And after having been treated by a Chinese herbalist for a few months, he still complained that he felt a mild pain from time to time. Eventually, an old gentleman Mr. Ho, who does morning exercise at the park, recommended Ping On Ointment to me. I used the ointment to massage the affected area for my son. A few days later, my child felt good and never complained about the pain again.


  An athlete (Fatigued muscle after exercise)

As the functions of my cardio-pulmonary system were weak. As advised by the doctor I trained myself to run. However, after running for about one month, I felt pain at both the shins. The pain was so severe that I could no longer run. The doctor also advised me to stop. But I was adamant. I used Ping On Ointment, which my mum used it as a mosquito repellant, to massage my feet. Within less than a week, the pain disappeared. I could start training again.


  Ah King (Mosquito Repellant)

I love mountain hiking very much. But I have a draw for mosquitoes. I loathe them mostly because the type of my skin is not good in that after having been bitten by mosquitoes, the itch lasts for at least a few hours and sometimes it lasts for days. I have tried all the mosquito repellants available for sale, but the effect was not evident. After I had come by Ping On Ointment, it was tantamount to meeting my savior. Not only can it stop the itch, but also it is an effective mosquito repellant. Now I can truly enjoy the pleasure of hiking.


  Student. Chow (Mosquito Repellant)

Camping is my biggest hobby but mosquito bites are my biggest fear. Rub the skin lightly with Ping On Ointment and the mosquitoes would not come near to you no matter you are in the open in the mountains or in the swamps. The best thing about it is that it smells good and that it is not sticky.


  Mrs. Kwok (Nasal Congestion due to Cold)

Catching a cold or having nasal congestion is no big deal but really a nuisance. I rubbed Ping On Ointment on the area under the nose and the nasal congestion disappeared immediately. When I rubbed Ping On Ointment on the chest, a refreshing aroma wafted to my nose. The nasal congestion also disappeared immediately and I could breathe smoothly.


  Judy (Seasickness & Nausea)

After I had moved to an outlying island to live, I had to take the ferry to work every day. It was difficult for me, because I had seasickness and nausea. Until one time a passenger on the same ferry gave me a vial of Ping On Ointment and he told me to anoint the ointment on the temples, the back of the ear and the back of the neck. I did that and like magic I no longer felt the seasickness. Once my daughter felt sick and nausea whilst riding on a bus, I rubbed the ointment on her stomach, she said to me smilingly, "Mum, I feel good now."


  Wilfred (An aid for sleep)

Insomnia was a big problem for me in the past. It no longer is. In fact I have been a loyal user of Ping On Ointment and I used it only for sprain and rheumatism. Until one day I rubbed it on the back of my neck and the area around the back. It drove me to sleep. I feel grateful for the magnificent effects of Ping On Ointment.


  Patrick (Edema and putrefaction)

My mother lives in mainland China. Both her legs had edema and subsequently blisters developed in the affected area of her legs and began to putrefy. Her doctor could not diagnose the cause and was unable to put the edema and putrefaction under control. A good old friend of mine gave me a dozen of Ping On Ointment. My mother smeared the ointment on the putrefied and swollen parts of her legs. The swell disappeared and the putrefied areas recovered in a few days. Recently when I went back to mainland China to visit my mother and I forgot to bring her Ping On Ointment and she had used up the ointment. Her conditions of swell and putrefaction in the legs relapsed. I immediately brought her Ping On Ointment. She again used the ointment to anoint the affected area and soon the swell and putrefaction disappeared. I hope your company can make the ointment available at every corner of the world so as to bring good fortune to the mankind in the world.


  Sum (Chilblain)

Chilblain had been a pestering problem for me. Now I have Ping On Ointment, and the problem is solved with ease. There is nothing in comparison with its effectiveness in helping blood circulation.


  Uncle Kwai (Chapped Skin)

I am old and my skin is dry. The condition can be quite serious. Sometimes, the skin at my heel just cracks and bleeds. I tried every lubricating cream to cure my chapped skin. No improvement is evident. One day, I tried Ping On Ointment. It solved my problem completely.


  Uncle Ma (Knee Pain)

I have been suffering from knee pain for many years. Well-known doctors in western and Chinese medicine were not of assistance. I also tried many kinds of medicines, but in vain. Until recently, I used Ping On Ointment to massage my knees. After a few weeks, all the pain is gone. It is really a Bodhisattva reborn.


  Ah Yuet (Pain Relief)

As a result of a stroke attack, my uncle living in mainland China was not able to walk. I brought him a few dozens of Ping On Ointment for his use to alleviate his pain. After his using it for a few weeks, miracle happened to him. He could rise and walk slowly. I thank you wholeheartedly.


  Tao Sang (Knee Pain)

I have had knee pain for many years. I had used Ping On Ointment and the result was good. Though I worked in the hospital, but the doctors could not offer me any help for my knee pain. Only Ping On Ointment is my savior. To my knowledge, all the nurses working in the dialysis ward are loyal users of Ping On Ointment.


  A Doctor in western medicine (Pain resulting from Twisted Muscle)

I twisted my waist and back. I had been seeing doctors in western and Chinese medicine but all the medications I had could not give me a full recovery. And the pain recurred once in a while. At last, a well-known doctor in western medicine surnamed Lam told me that there was no need for him to give me a prescription. Instead, he told me to buy Ping On Ointment over the counter at drugstores and to anoint it on the affected area every day to see whether or not the ointment would work. The result was miraculously quick and the pain was gone. Doctor Lam also told me that he and his wife, both medical practitioners themselves, would use Ping On Ointment whenever they had muscle fatigue and back pain.



There are numerous letters of appreciation and occasions for experience sharing from users of Ping On Ointment, telling their experience in using the ointment. It is impossible for us to list them all out. The above are quotes of some of the letters or experience sharing. Pursuant to the relevant law governing personal data privacy, we are not in a position to give detailed information on the identity of the users and their contact methods.


Important Notice:
There will always be circumstances where an user of Ping On Ointment does not get the results other users got. It is emphasized that the testimonials contained in this website are for information and for experience-sharing only. The testimonials are not intended to be medical advice, and should not be relied on as such. Consult with your medical practitioner if you have any questions or concerns about your conditions.